When You Realize You Have Feelings for Your Friend

Falling for your friend can be one of the best, and worst, things that can happen. If it works out, you get to hang with your bestie all of the time, while exploring the newer, romantic side of your relationship. If they don't feel the same, though, it can make a once-great friendship awkward beyond repair. If you've ever developed feelings for your friend, you'll be able to relate.

1. I'm so happy to see you.

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But that's normal, right? Friends are great.

2. How is doing nothing together so much fun?

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We could watch paint dry.

3. I never noticed it before, but you're the WHOLE package.

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You're suspiciously perfect. When did this happen?

4. I think I have butterflies.

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This feeling is new, and I'm nauseous.

5. Why am I suddenly so uncool?

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Clumsy times a hundred.

6. I need to look GOOD.

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For no reason. Not trying to impress you or anything.

7. Omg, you're sooo funny.

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I can't stop laughing. My face hurts.

8. I want to tell you how I feel.

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But I'm scared of how you'll react.

9. And go everywhere with you…

Share on PinterestAre you busy later?

10. I want to hear from you ALL OF THE TIME.

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Why. haven't. you. texted. back?

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This is definitely a thing. When did this become a thing?!

12. I'm officially dead.

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13. I suddenly want to rip off all of your clothes.

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Friend to friend, of course.

14. Do you feel the same?

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… you get me.

Amy Mackelden is a weekend editor at ELLE, Harper's BAZAAR, and Marie Claire. She's written for Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Ravishly, The Independent, The Guardian, Hello Giggles, and Teen Vogue. She's currently developing a show called MS Is My Boyfriend, about what multiple sclerosis is really like. Follow her on Twitter @AmyMackelden.