This Tamagotchi-Inspired App Is Guaranteed to Make You Break a Sweat

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Tep App

Activity tracking apps are a dime a dozen these days. But getting us off the couch requires more incentive than simply logging how far we walk, bike, or run. That's what makes Tep so genius. The app entices you to break a sweat with the help of Teppy, an adorable virtual pet giraffe. Teppy is basically an updated Tamagotchi, and just like the 90s digital pet, it relies on you for the sustenance to survive. So be prepared to get push notifications where the giraffe says, “I'm starving!”

But don't worry, it's easy to keep Teppy alive and kicking. Open the app before you start any cardio exercise, and Tep will measure your distance traveled and calories burned. The longer you run (or walk or bike), the more coins you earn. The virtual currency can be redeemed for food or even hats and shoes to jazz up the giraffe's style. The app comes with some additional bells and whistles, including a virtual coach that updates you on your pace and a diary feature that keeps stats from past workouts and logs notes about your experience. Best of all? Double tap Teppy when you open the app and watch your pal do an amazing happy dance.

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